Self Care is the most fundamental  Health Care

Value self care as a cornerstone of healthy life.   My purpose with this site is to share with everyone  knowledge, tools and tips to promote vibrant living.  The Lyme support pages have specific resources to help anyone dealing with Lyme disease and associated co-infections. Lyme disease is a great teacher.  Ayurveda and Herbalism and Energy Medicine are great tools.

In any moment of time there is choice.  Empower yourself.  Prioritize you & your health in your life.  Listen to the  voice of your body deep inside that is your way into joy and delight.  Help yourself get clear and healthy and full of energy.  Get the help you need to move from maintaining the ordinary to exploring the extraordinary!

  • Evolve your approach to wellness.
  • Shine the light of awareness on the what how and whys of self care.
  • Nurture soothe and support yourself.
  • Key into what will bring you health and joy.
Relaxation a fundamental of self care
Looking out at Loch Ness

Aligned self care include wellness practices for mind body and spirit.  What you choose, think, engage with, do, eat, and feel each day has great power.  Energy invested in vibrant health pays forward with dividends.


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Self Care in this community means Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit Care. We have to navigate through a busy complex world and still keep in touch with our truths.

Enable yourself to live a a life full of purpose and contribution and growth. Have the strength and the health to tap into the aspects of life that brings joy to me, you and others.  The specifics of our purpose and contributions bubble from deep within.  Each life is valuable and unique.

Welcome and Stretch to engage with your self at a new and deeper level.    Check in from time to time for ongoing updates, tools and links and my events page for classes and talks.

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​Tip Guide for Restful Sleep

​Build health into your habits with restful sleep

  • check
    ​Make your Bedroom a sanctuary for sleep and snuggling.
  • check
    ​Create a relaxing wind down routine and sleep well
  • check
    ​Wake refreshed ready to engage each day.