I have been doing research on the social and economic influences brought to bear on food choice.  It is so obvious to me that we are being actively pressured to make choices to support the food economy.  Choose manufactured foods above even our own health. How much does marketing from the food economy block your healing from Lyme disease?

manufactured foods fill supermarkets

Many people choose to deal with declining health rather than make substantive changes in diet and life style.  As adults we are free to make choices.  I would argue you need to consider long view on quality of life before you dismiss the benefits of making what you eat every day build health.

Your best Lyme recovery, means treating infections, then getting your body back in the game. Build health in every way that you can. Wellness is so important when on the healing journey, it makes sense to identify and address the influences in your life that block your progress.  Take action to support your wellness evolution.

When you focus on building health, it gets clear fast, health is not on the top of the priority list in our society. We run on stress, overfill our schedules and neglect basic nutrition and self care. Consider that this might need to change for you with to deal with Lyme disease.  If not, your life may get smaller and more painful

In fact one of the big  social and economic factors working against health is nutrient deficient food. We are pushed and prodded to eat, drink, and eat in ways that are about making money for the food and entertainment industry.

In the 21st century our tastes buds, our brain chemistry, our biochemistry, our hormones and our kitchens have been hijacked by the food industry.Mark Hyman

Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/mark_hyman_429759?src=t_food_industry

No one can do everything, in treatment for Lyme,it is complicated.  You don’t want to unknowingly trade instant gratification now for long term health.   This is easy especially in our global economy.  All of us are bombarded with messages every day about what tastes good and what is cool.

Some of the simple stuff we need to do for our health goes against the grain.  Get in touch with your rebel self and decide to prioritize health in your food choice.  Then put a plan in place to make it happen and keep it simple so you stick with it.


Step back from manufactured foods and find a path for healing

  • Read labels if you don’t recognize it as food don’t eat it.
  • Feed your body what it needs to thrive. Get the help you need to figure out what that is.
  • Keep Your Food Whole, local and when possible organic.
  • Batch Prep and Cook.
  • Invest in a cook book that focuses on health.
  • Eat to satiety not to Fullness.
  • Prioritize whole Vegetables. Make veggies the main part of your diet to get the vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients you need to heal.
  •  Go Wild. Herbs,Spice and wild weeds add flavor taste and nutrients.
  • Make fruit low sugar and nutrient dense.  Lemons, limes, cherries and berries are great choices.
  • High Quality Proteins.


Examine how many manufactured foods you eat and begin to add more whole living foods. Eating for health is a first important step in prioritizing health in your life.  We will look at stress next!  Share your ideas to eat healthy in the comments below.

Healing with Lyme Skip Manufactured Foods

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