At a party this weekend, I got introduced to a wonderful new life and I got reminded that special experiences open gateways to spirit. This one sure did.  It  reminded me to check in and keep my vibration high access my spirit.  Do you know the  gateways to spirit in your life?

Very Young Babies are often at a very high vibration.  I cradled the sleepy warm bundle of her carefully in my arms.   Bam, in an instant I was sucked into the Baby Vortex, a place out of time, full of love growth and possibility.

It was a few minutes of pure joy and grounded peace.  Holding her was riveting, it took every bit of my attention.  There was no pain or confusion or Lyme disease.  I got to experience the delightful vibration of her spirit, all open and free and unafraid, it shifted mine.    We all need to access positive emotions and be guided by our spirit everyday part of our self care.

No wonder people love to hold a new baby.

High Spiritual Energy Attracts Everyone

Everyone wants to hold a new baby.  I didn’t mind waiting my turn.   At a month old spirit is strong and bright.  The world has not tried to shape or extinguish her.  She exudes contentment, surrounded by the love and hope of a large family.  The potential and possibility in this little being reminds you that the world is a much bigger place than the day to day of living with Lyme.

I doubt people will be lining up to hold me any time soon, even if I am at my highest vibration.  But I know it can only help me to strengthen the link to my spirit.   This awareness got me thinking about what I do each day to engage with the wonder of my own spirit.  How do I cultivate my own pure joy, grounded peace and connection to the present.  Raise my vibration and align.  Do you have a practice to attune?  Have you identified gateways to spirit?

“God is whispering in your heart, in the whole existence, just tune your ears.”
Amit Ray

We all started at a high vibration, just like my great niece.  Embodied life often strains the expression our greatest strength our spiritual nature.  Build opportunities in your daily life to remember that you are part of a magnificent whole.

While I am happy to hold a baby at a party, I think we have to identify and access personal gateways to spirit.  Get guidance and comfort from the connection.  We are all individual and unique.  Here are some awareness that I have uncovered and the actions I notice work for me.

My 5 Top Gateways to Spirit

I use beauty in view, and art  in sound and word to help me shift vibration

  1. Bring on the Inspiration. Listen to music, podcasts and teachers who make you want to reach for something better.
  2.  Meditate I sit either in silence or with beautiful music and ask for connection and guidance.
  3. Beauty, for me in the water trees and the rocks help me uncover the truth of my nature. So the more I get out in nature the better I feel
  4. “Laughter is the best medicine” A deep belly laugh can help you get out of your own way. I am working on a practice to laugh every day.
  5. gateways to spirit, beauty words and natureArt and Poetry gets me out of my intellect and into my heart.  Here is a little haiku from a friend that lifts my spirit.


You may have a completely different list.  Share your gateways to spirit in the comments below.  Check this link for more ideas.  

Take note of where you are on a regular basis, connect to your spirit to feel your best and brightest.

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My 5 Top Gateways Spirit

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