Being in Nature helps Health

Walk, swim, paddle board even sitting and breathing in nature helps health.  It is a basic form of self care.  This is old news right.  Growing up our parents used to push us outside to run around and play.  We all went for regular walks along local trails in the woods near our house.


Walks in Nature Helps Health

We need to reclaim our access to the natural world!

This self care opportunity to immerse in nature and be part of a greater whole is missing in many people’s lives today.    A walk on a wooded trail or along a beach, is such a good and healthful thing, it just feels nourishing and soothing.  Well there is some new information that really makes the point of why being outside in nature makes you feel good.

Indigenous cultures all honor nature in ways that make it clear they understand the importance of staying in relationship with their environment.  Ayurveda suggests that immersion in the 5 elements is a great way to move into balance with yourself and the whole.  Moving and nature are both healthy and balancing for the body.

The 5 elements are earth, water, fire, air and ether. Getting outside is an easy way to connect.  Many of us are missing earth in our lives.  Our current social structure focuses on fast speed, change and fear, rather than slowness, solidity and stability.  Trust me; a little earth does a body good.  Go to the beach for earth, water air and ether, not bad for a walk.


Being in nature makes it easy to shift focus from the past or future to the now.  Tune into the experience of being part of a large whole.  Engage your senses with the sights sounds, and smells of a complex living environment.

5 Ways Nature Helps Health & Promotes healing.

  1. Promotes a healthy biome
  2. Gets you out away EM exposure.
  3. Increases Happiness
  4. Lowers Aggression
  5. Reduces Blood Pressure

Nature deprivation is an active problem.  The risks from too much time in front of a screen are cause depression and isolation. Screen time over works and depletes the mind.  In a 2011 study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, stated that too much time in front of a screen was associated with a higher risk of death!

Time in nature engages the mind without overworking it, so it can relax and recover.  A relaxed mind changes the hormonal environment of the body in a way that supports  healthy diverse population in your biome and healing.  A recent study published in Nature concludes that as little as 30 minutes of time each weak spent walking or playing in a public park can have multi pronged, measurable health benefits.

A number of countries Germany and Japan among them have recognized the facts.  In an effort to reduce medical costs and improve quality of life these countries have begun to plan and invest more heavily in Nature preservation.  Shinrin Yoku Forest bathing is a recognized healing technique.

In the United States we are truly blessed to have an abundance of natural environments to enjoy.  Many big cities have parks and we have an unparalleled system of National parks, state parks, local and town green space to explore. We all need to visit them and help protect them for generations going forward.

Put a couple of the parks like Cape Cod National Seashore’s Marconi  Beach, Valley of Fire State Park  in Nevada, or Yosemite & Yellowstone National Parks on your list for this summer. Click this link to find the National Parks near you.  Or just go over to the local parks and trails a couple of times each week.  Gear up to protect yourself, then have some fun. Nature helps your health, so go out, breath some fresh air, feel the earth under your feet and enjoy.



5 Ways Nature Helps Health
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