Ayurveda helps clean out the dead wood like a chainsaw in a forestAyurveda  is a platform a foundation for self care in your life.  What I mean by that is, the practice lends itself to guiding you to the highest expression of self.  Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga. The name is  from the language of Sanskrit and means the science of life, of health.

Ayurveda has been an active health successful practice for a long time guiding people to health. You can benefit by bringing it into your life

Study and embodying the principles of Ayurveda have given me a deep respect, functional knowledge and a streamlined current take on the system. My teaching focuses on health habits that promote optimized living through aware self care for you in your life & world.

The self care toolbox you build needs to empower you. A chainsaw, takes some time to set up, but then it can quickly clear out waste wood, opening the space for light and healthy growth.  Ayurveda can help you cut out waste, low energy activity and  lighten up your life.  It works powerfully with good results for the effort. Here are some of the basic teachings you can bring to life in on a day to day basis.

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Contemporary Take on  the ancient science of Ayurveda

  1. Understand what makes you tick – not to condemn or self criticize, but know yourself in terms of the elements and basic qualities.  Find balance and optimize your unique characteristics. Examine your relationships with others through this same lens.  Understand & Grow
  2. Learn to balance the Dosha the forces that shape the expression of your nature Kapha  Pitta Vata.
  3. Develop Dina Charya(Healthful daily routines). The discipline of a healthful daily practices will up level wellness and free up energy. Click this link for an example. Daily Routine Habits for Health
  4. Seasonal Food Choice with a balance of the six tastes.

Ayurveda divides the year into 3 seasons and life into 3 sections .

Wheel of Ayurveda