Bone broth has been around a long time. Many healing traditions and cultures promote its therapeutic abilities.  I have been making it as long as I can remember without thinking too much about it.  I heard that there are drive -thru windows serving bone broth at a Reiki share the other day and I thought OMG things have totally changed. Brodo (at Hearth), 403 E. 12th St., window on First Ave., East Village NY is one such wonder window. Bone Broth is making an in style come back.

My vegetable stock is all the healthy bits I cut off during the previous weeks, that I froze.  Add water and heat and voila you have way better veggie stock than from a box or can.  When I make it  I know there are no irritating nightshades like tomatoes that might trigger inflammation.  Plus as a bonus it is pretty much free!

Veggie Trims from the Freezer
Veggie Trims from the Freezer

What is Stock versus broth versus bone broth. What’s the big deal?

Meat broth meat stock, and bone broth are all made from water a little vinegar, meat, and bones in different proportions, sometimes with herbs salt and vegetables added for flavor. The definitions vary a lot. The main difference is in how much meat is used and how long (many hours) the mixture is cooked. For my definition bone broth is cooked for at least 24 hours and has a high bone to meat ratio.

I make bone broth a gallon or so at a time using organic grass fed animal bones. I buy through my organic CSA or from farmers I know, or in a pinch from Whole Foods. My chicken bone broth comes from organic free range birds. When making stock or bone broth, I watch over it with care to ensure a thick gelatinous delicious end product. I add the vinegar early before cooking to support minerals (Ca, Mg, P, Se) leaching out of the bones.

I cook with it and drink it regularly. I often add onions or leeks or celery and herbs to add vitamins and flavor.  In The Whals Protocol, Dr. Terry Whals talks about a daily cup of bone broth and coconut milk as part of her healthy breakfast. It is a very popular go to in functional medicine, the Weston Price diet and the Paelo movement.  There are Paelo restaurants cropping up that serve broth and bone marrow on the menu.

Why Drink Bone Broth?

Drink bone broth for your health.  Drink it to reduce the need for a number of difficult to swallow supplements, that are not whole food based. My experience is that drinking bone broth works better than swallowing pills. The components of Bone broth have been shown to support health in variety of ways.

Beef Bone Broth ingredients
Beef Bone Broth ingredients
  1. The gelatin fat and other components in the stock, soothes and seals the spaces in the tight junctions and mucous layer that have been damaged from inflammation. Helps heal and maintain the health of the home of 70% of your immune system (your gut).
  2. The bioavailable intake of chondroitin msm, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid reduces joint pain and inflammation.
  3. Abundant Amino acids glycine, arginine and others help fight inflammation and promote repair.
  4. Mineral content Ca, Mg, and Ph, promote strong, healthy bones
  5. Collagen Fuels the growth of healthy hair and nails.
  6. Adds liquid to your diet, which hydrates you and helps everything.

How much do you need to drink?

I try to drink at least 1 cup a day.  Some people say go for a pint.  The most I have ever attempted is a bone broth cleanse, where you drink 3 to 6 cups each day. (Warm water and warm broth is all you consume) I did this under the supervision of a health care professional. It is not the easiest cleanse I have ever tried. It put a little stress on my gallbladder and liver. But is helped me a lot with leaky gut and candida.

Why make it?

It simply elevates everything you use it in.  It tastes so much better than the stuff at the store   From a health perspective for it to work you need to consume regularly. You want to know what you are eating. It is relatively easy to make. Use a crock pot and simplify your life. If you want to you can buy it at or work out a deal with someone you trust. I attached a recipe for beef bone broth for your use. Bone Broth Recipe  Recipes are all over the internet, so if you don’t like this one look onward.

How do you bring it into your diet?

The easiest way to start is to add soup to your menu, and make the soup with home-made broth. This is the perfect time of year to make soup.  I use it to pan steam vegetables and add a lot of flavor. I add to slow cooked meats like tongue to bump up the flavor.  Before you know it you have to make it all the time.

Bone Broth Buzz
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