How do I enliven low inflammation eating with Lyme?  I work hard to stay on track with my eating, so I want good taste.  I look for ways to add nutrients and flavor.

Do you cook from a cookbook?

I read cookbooks and go to websites looking for ideas and new combinations all the time. Many of my former favorite books  and sites don’t apply in my whole food high nutrition eating plan.  I needed to go out and find some new sources of inspiration.

If you have too many old cookbooks that make you pine for foods that don’t serve you, get rid of them or donate them, I realized I needed to clear the shelves of old cookbooks.  Lyme Disease has fundamentally changed the way I approach food.  Now  I get interested in Mediterranean Foods and start to learn about the spices that are used and specific combinations that get you to Italy or Greece or any region. I then cross check it for inflammation concerns and health benefits.

When you have Lyme disease you have to support digestion and lower inflammation.  How do you keep your foods low inflammation whole and nutrition packed?   I welcome new ideas so feel free to comment below.


Trouble Eating for Your Health?

Vegetable help Lower Inflammation and Raise Nutrients and can enliven low inflammation eating with LymeIf you are having trouble consistently eating low inflammation foods look at why.   The why might really help you identify a solution or fix.   Are you eating out of habit or are you bored with the 3 safe recipes you know?

If it is habit identify a small step that you can consistently take at meals to move you in the right direction anchor into it and get consistent. Trying to get 6 – 9 cups of green vegetables in your diet? Can you add greens in so that you enliven low inflammation eating with Lyme, punch up the flavor and fun?

When I started to uplevle my nutrition,  my go to greens were broccoli, green beans and lettuce.  Not enough variety, boring!  I apply the kaizen method to build better eating habits and add more greens.  Kaizen means make small sustainable improvements on a continuous basis.    Consistent sustainable low inflammation nutrition packed eating is key with Lyme disease and chronic inflammation

Why Kaizen?

Small changes take the pressure off.  Kaizen  gave me time to embrace the changes I knew I need for my health. Here is an example, one meal a day add something green.  I hide greens in our breakfast smoothie.  Now I add spinach zucchini, cabbage or kale to breakfast.  High nutrient density veggies make up a large part of our diet.

Many people with Lyme disease eat a Paleo based diet.  I eat a greens heavy paleo diet to help me keep healthy.  I kicked common allergens and additives to the curb.  Where are you at in your diet?

If you only know a handful of go to recipes, it is easy to get bored and default to familiar inflammatory foods.  When I notice this happening to me, it is time to dig in and find a way to have more fun with healthy food.

4 Sources to Enliven Low Inflammation Eating with Lyme

  1. Recipes for Repair was written by a Mom and daughter to help themselves and others eat well to help their Lyme Disease Treatment Booksbodies heal from Lyme Disease and Coinfections.
  2. AutoImmune Paleo Cookbook  by Mickey Trescott
  3. Tired of Lyme
  4. Epicurious This link has recipes and book references


Try some of these sites for recipes and have some fun.  Do you have a favorite source for Lyme savy recipe inspiration?  Scroll down below and share.  I am always looking for new ideas.  With Lyme disease information is power and we all need to help each other.

The information provided on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care, treatment or advice. All the material here is for information purposes only. Always share strategy and work with your health care team

Enliven Low Inflammation Eating with Lyme

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