I guess I qualify as a biohacker.  When I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and my symptoms extended well beyond the normal course of antibiotics, I was in a tough spot.

Five Years ago put in this corner, I decided I had nothing to lose.  I had made a bucket list and was working through it.  I didn’t believe I was going to live very long at all.  Actually I didn’t want to live very long in that much pain. I had to find new sources of information, add new members to my health care team and try new things to start to feel better. Biohacking seemed to be the only path, study and find a way to help myself heal.

You may be asking yourself what is a Biohacker?

My definition is someone who is willing to make changes to diet, supplements and lifestyle for the purposes of optimizing their physiology, energy level and impact. Experiment and play with the effect of daily living on health.  At a fundamental level take responsibility for their health.  Many folks with Lyme disease were backed into a biohacking corner by necessity.  Lyme made them really sick and nothing in the mainstream made a dent.

Given that situation, I explored options.   I decided to explore and treat my body to some new experiences and stay with the ones that worked. My big biohacks have moved me in the direction of health.

My Favorite Biohacker Tips for Lyme

Manage My Terrain

This body I have is my terrain, it has lots of tenants I am just one.  Now I actively support who I want camping out in my body. I use functional foods, herbs and life style choices to do this.


Herbs to knock off or at knock down the borrellia, bartonella and candida populations are part of my daily routine. I rotate through a variety of herbs to keep the bugs on their toes and give my body a break.

Repair the Gut

Elimination diet

This gave my gut a chance to heal up after years of antibiotics. In addition I used bone broth and supplements to support recovery.

Probiotic & Prebiotic foods

Sauerkraut and fermented drinks and supplements help me host tenants the support life and liveliness.  They actively manage the pathogenic bugs that might bring me down.  Probiotic bacteria support a refined immune response.


Cut Inflammation

High Nutrient Density for LymeFood

Again try an Elimination Diet. Cut out and Keep out alcohol, sugar, inflammatory foods and allergens.  Eat to supply the body with an abundance of nutrients in a manageable calorie load. Functional Foods low inflammation eating and low stress are part of system I use to keep things cool.


Helps manage pain and perspective.  Meditation reduces stress. It keeps me in touch and on track with what is important in my life. Regular meditation promotes a healing environment in my body.


Oxygen helps the body be well and stay well.  For a while I used an oxygen concentrator to give me a little extra boost.  Some people with Lyme I know use a hyperbaric chamber, I have not done so.


Human bodies are built to move.  We are water sacks with an internal skeletal system. Many of the chemicals that make our body work take a water taxi, just float to where they are needed Movement delivers fuel and helps take out the trash.


Detox Your Life

Clean up the chemicals and energy I use on my body and in my environment, to make it easier for my body to detoxify.

Daily Detox activities

Skin brushing, Lymph massage, cleanses, and sweat therapy keep the cleanup systems  gut, liver et cetra in my body able to support me.

Seals Self Soothe with down timeSleep

8 hours of sleep or so a night supports both detox and immune health.  Less than 6 hours a night disturbs homeostasis and hurts your immune system

Rebuild with Ongoing Self Care

Maintain self care, as a focal part of my daily routine. Add the nutrients and supplements I need for a system rebuild.  In order to give your body a chance to recover, you have to do more than knock down the pathogens.  Given a chance and the right materials your body will help you rebuild.

Keep an open mind

Don’t settle for miserable. Stay active in researching new herbs, thermal therapies and energy treatments like orgone accumulator, rife and ondamed.


There is my biohack map for Lyme disease.  I am a big fan of sharing to help each other. What is yours?

The information provided on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care, treatment or advice. All the material here is for information purposes only. Always share strategy and work with your health care team.


Favorite Biohacker Tips for Lyme
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