Unplug a little, give your body some EMF down time.  Make space to relax and rebuild.  Down time is important for people to stay well and critical for recovery from Lyme disease.  Rebuilding wellness requires ease.  How do you give your body some EMF down time? Scroll down to the comments and share your down time activities.

When I grew up down time was clearly defined as after work& school, family dinner homework and cribbage games.  It also meant vacation, maybe two weeks down the cape.  No one owned a cell phone or a portable computer, so when you went away, you could really let go, walk the beach read and enjoy the sunset, relax in true ease. EMF exposure was much less. This is not the case today.Seals Self Soothe with down time

Kids are in structured activities and Wi-Fi environments all day and night. It is hard to get them to look up from their phones to say Hi!

When you go on vacation, you can expect to be on the internet, and  get texts or phone calls from work.  I write and post on vacation. It is more difficult than ever to get away from technology and relax.

We need to build health and ease into our daily life. Create and savor the open space in our day rather than fritter it away. Animals do this naturally.  They build play and rest into each day.

Unplug from your phone, the internet and all the electronic stuff we live and work with for at least part of each day.

We were built to be in a plant based energy environment.  Most of us don’t get out in nature every day anymore.  Instead we live indoors surrounded by electronics.  All the appliances, computers, phones and microwave generate an environment, full of electromagnetic radiation and radio frequencies that are foreign to our body.  I consider EMR and RF  a form of pollution.

Energy Pollution and Lyme Disease

Pollution  is a fact of contemporary life.  Everyone knows too much is bad.  It can wear us down and impact our health.  With chronic Lyme disease you may be more sensitive to energy pollution than the average person. Many people with chronic Lyme experience EMF sensitivity.

Your body is working to heal from a stubborn, maybe a few stubborn infections.  It is struggling to effectively detoxify and eliminate the die off and inflammation. Pollution stresses your already stressed immune system. Help your body heal by optimizing your environment.

If it seems overwhelming to try and clean up the energy in your work space and home, you are not alone.    Join me at the Central Mass Lyme Conference  on September 23, 2017 in Worcester, MA for more information on cleaning up the most harmful chemical and energetic pollution in your home.  Help turn your home into a hub for healing.  Most of us would benefit by getting rid of some of the pollution in our life.

Give Your Body Some EMF Down Time – Sleep Easy

Sleep is a critical time when the body focuses on both detox and healing.  If you don’t sleep well these functions are dirupted. Electromagnetic Radiation has also been shown to negatively impact Melatonin levels in your brain.  Melatonin is the hormone that tells our body when to sleep and when to wake up. Chronic lack of sleep also adds stress to your immune system response.


3 easy ways to Clean Up the Energy in Your Bedroom

  1. No internet in the bedroom. Either keep it out all the time or shut is off when you sleep.Put your router on a timer to give your body some EMF down time
  2. Store your cell phone out of the bedroom. If you have a land line make it a corded phone rather than a cordless phone.
  3. Don’t go to sleep with the lights, TV, internet or radio on.

If this is over the top for you, just try one of these to give your body some down time.  Do as much as you can to  honor your need for healthy sleep.  Here is a link with some more ideas to get a good night’s rest.  Let me know if you feel better and sleep more deeply when you try these ideas.

The information provided on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care, treatment or advice. All the material here is for information purposes only. Always share strategy and work with your health care team


References: http://www.earthcalm.com/dangers-electromagnetic-radiation


Give Your Body Some EMF Down Time – Promote Healing
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