Anyone dealing with a stubborn chronic illness knows to stay positive and motivated.  But motivation can be elusive as time goes on.  Gotta heal, then stay motivated.  When I am struggling to stay on track with my medicine and self care, I know I need to reengage with my motivation my healing journey companion.   I uncover and reconnect with my motivation my why to remember why my focus needs to stay on wellness in my daily routines.

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. -Buddha


If we all were as evolved as the Buddha, this would not be a problem.  My health is a work in progress.  When my mom died last year, I lost clarity in grief.   I got kind of pissy about it actually, I had been doing all this stuff and I still wasn’t totally well.  Oh my, I needed to rediscover my will and my motivation.   My basic motivation is to feel better, unburden my body and follow my spirit.

Why is it important to feel better?     Joy is important to me.  I want to live a full life  with joy and get a measure of control to chart my course.  Autonomy is the desire to actively manage my path in ife.  Healthy autonomy it is making personal choices with the understanding that all our choices ripple and affect others.   Healthy autonomy means having a voice in your own life.  I need to remember what this feels like and find my voice.

For the past 5 years Lyme has been in charge of so much of my life.  My decisions were based pretty much solely on managing Lyme and building health.  My life seemed somewhat lost in the shuffle of  research, medicines and doctors.  I watched my friends grow so much, build businesses and skills.  I was working on recovery and discovering my strength.  Now I am taking my life back piece by piece, but I still have a ways to go.

I am at least 80% better.  Now is the time for me to dig in and really work through my recovery, not back slide from all the habits that support my wellness. Stay Close to my motivation my healing journey companion and keep evolving.

Gotta Heal Stay Motivated My Top 5 Ways Setting goals helps motivation

  1. Remember why Everyday.  Autonomy a full vibrant life. Remind yourself the benefits of vibrant health.
  2. Review Progress.  In 2013 I couldn’t drive, too much pain in 2017 I can drive hours a day no problem.
  3. Tap into the discipline. The good habits  have built  have momentum.  So do what heals and don’t do what hurts.
  4. Set Goals to Heal, Enjoy and Grow.  Plan a vacation, take a class, join a bridge club an herbal community or a choir, whatever floats your boat.
  5. Plug into your community. Seek joy love and support everyday

If you are struggling remember you are not alone.  Keep doing what you know will help you and build health.  Reach out and get the help you need to stay motivated and keep healing. Join a facebook group or a support group.  Plug into the love of family and friends and stay motivated to heal.


Gotta Heal Stay Motivated
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