Is healing chronic Lyme an opportunity?  It was for me.  In Lyme most of us focus on the infections and the symptoms in our body.  Kinda have to  –  the physical is actually a lot to deal with.  But complete healing engages with all the layers of our being.  For many this means mind emotions and soul and spirit.  Healing my mind emotions, soul and spirit as well as my body were all necessary parts of my journey

Dr. Lisa Rankin author of The Fear Cure wrote in Psychology Today:  “But I still believe that love, support, and positive belief go far beyond healing and can actually manifest cure – and there’s loads of science to prove it, as I’m finding with my research.” 

Lyme provides the time and opportunity for the work of healing.  Lyme highlights weaknesses, tells you where you need work.   In my life, my diagnosis was a unique chance to leverage growth on a massive level.

So, I got the worst of my symptoms under control.  Then I worked on dealing with the infections, learning, rebuilding health and healing my mind and soul, upleveling my vibration.  My perspective and vibration had to shift to the positive to bolster and drive my physical healing.  I put specific practices in place to help me.

 Shift into positivity to support healing chronic lyme

Release Residual Anger

Anger holds vibration down.  It builds a cage that entangles us in the past and blocks our view of possibilities. Anger can stem from many places. Among other things I was really mad that Lyme disease happened to meAre You? 

I so needed to move through anger into learning, so I got some help.   If you need to see a therapist to help you get at good one and do the work. Peel back the justifications and look at the anger.  Is it serving you?  I doubt it.  Find the learning and grow from that.

Releasing anger is an individual journey of understanding and forgiveness.  I have been taught the forgiveness is always for you, not the other. Start with yourself and keep on forgiving.  Much of the time anger fences you in, while the other party moves on even forgets.   Holding on to old anger is only hurting you.  Practice forgiveness,   let go of attachments to the past and clear space for healing and light.

“The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.” Marianne Williamson

Carve  out Ease

Carving out ease in a life filled in the normal way plus the extra load of illness is a challenge.  Examine your schedule how you spend your time.  Eliminate busy stuff that adds no value.  Find time or schedule time to relax.  Sit with a cup of tea and a friend and catch up.  If possible get out in nature and take a gentle walk.

Cultivate a Healing Practice

Cultivate means to grow and care for.  Actively explore and try  practices that help and heal.  Build new healing habits into my daily routine.  Create access for my body to find and use its healing capability.  I have worked to build healing into every day.  Here are few practices I use.


With Lyme disease low oxygen levels are common.  Oxygen is a fundamental fuel for the body.  Pranayama (conscious breathing) practice improves oxygen intake over time.  Conscious breathing can help you relax and heal.  Here is a link for some breathing practices.

Meditation and breathing for healing chronic lymeMeditation

A regular meditation practice will help put the body in a healing mode and support ease in life.  Most forms of this practice engage different senses to focus. 

  • Silence
  • Guided Meditation (listening to someone else)
  • Appreciation (Gratitude Practice)
  • Metta Meditation Loving Kindness
  • Mantra (repeat a spiritual phrase silently or a loud) are a few focus options to try.



 Reiki is a energetic practice for  hands on healing.  I worked with a Reiki Master to help manage pain and promote healing.  Then I trained in Reiki so I could work on myself and help others.


Affirm Positivity

Open to  uncertainty,  possibility and positivity.  Don’t let  a diagnosis and daily symptoms of chronic lyme narrow your world .  Cultivate Hope and look for the joy and learning in every situation.  I used mantra and affirmations for healing chronic lyme, affirmations to spotlight joy and hope on a daily basis.  Here are  some “examples.

  • “Everyday in every way I get better and better.”
  • “I am in the right place for the next phase of my growth.”
  • “I am whole perfect and strong.”
  • “Today everything starts anew.”

Here is a link with more examples Find what works for you!


Mental  and spiritual healing are important to leverage recovery from Chronic Lyme disease.   My work on my mind and spirit has made a huge difference in my healing chronic Lyme.  Check in with your health care team and find the help you need to recover from Lyme in all the layers of your being.

Healing Chronic Lyme Growth Opportunity for Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit
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