Is wide scale chronic inflammation your chronic Lyme legacy?  It may be a health concern even after you get your infections under control.  What does this mean?  Chronic inflammation can mean brain fog, pain swelling and injury among many effects.

My body developed chronic inflammation in response to the higher stress, toxic load and multiple chronic infections that started with a tick bite.   My body used inflammation to try and help me, but things got out of control.  Inflammation created a feedback loop in me that includes  pain, detox problems and immune system deregulation.

After years of treatment it is sometimes hard to distinguish and understand  which symptoms are from inflammation response (immune system deregulation) and which  if any symptoms are from infectious agents in my body.  So I work with my health care team to manage inflammation and treat symptoms and infection issues as they arise.  I am not alone in having to deal with inflammation as a legacy of Lyme Disease.

“One of the most important questions that you and your progressive Lyme-aware practitioner must determine is how much of your problem is due to chronic persistent Lyme infection (or co-infections) versus chronic inflammation/damage caused by the Lyme.”
Kenneth Singleton, The Lyme Disease Solution

The Lyme Disease Solution has been on my shelf for years and I have read it more than once, but this quote struck me anew in its importance.  Anyone with chronic Lyme disease needs to take care of more than an infection.    Here are categories of self care for Lyme  and assorted coinfections that I prioritize.  When I think about my  Lyme Recovery self care, I know I need to walk these  4  paths with awareness maybe for the rest of my life.  Click this link to read more on the 4 Key Areas that need help to heal.

Improve Your chronic Lyme Legacy Address these 4 Areas

  1. Treat Infections
  2. Manage Symptoms
  3. Heal Immune and Inflammation Response in Body
  4. Build Health – Rebuild and Repair Tissue and System Damage.

In my blog today I am focused on #3 normalizing my inflammation response.  I spoke about Dr. Singleton’s quote in a recent talk I gave on how diet can help you cool chronic inflammation.  Go to my Facebook page to listen if you are curious.  Eating nutrient dense whole foods that are not allergens is one key way to cool inflammation.

Low Inflammation also means, clean water, low toxins, low stress living.  Plenty of sleep and ease.  It takes some discipline, sometimes more than I have to keep inflammation in check, but I can help myself and you can help yourself.  I want my chronic Lyme legacy to be all about learning and healing, rather than inflammation, so I better keep working on it.


Simple Self Care Strategies to Cool InflammationCool off the inflammation of your chronic Lyme Legacy


There are any numbers of other things you can do on your own and with help from your health care team.  Herbs can be used as part of a structured care plan to promote lymph movement and detox, support your liver and actively disrupt inflammation pathways. Seasonal deeper detox can also help.  If you have issues with inflammation reach out and talk to your health care team.  Ask for options to help your cool things off. Make your chronic Lyme legacy one of recovery and wellness.

The information provided on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care, treatment or advice. All the material here is for information purposes only. Always share strategy and work with your health care team.


Inflammation Your Chronic Lyme Legacy? – Cool It

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