Lyme Disease Ayurveda teaches mindfulness to stay healthy and on track. When you are dealing with chronic Lyme this becomes even more important. Why?
Chronic illness taxes the body and promotes inflammation and ama. In Ayurveda Ama is undigested material that can clog the channels of the body.  Chronic inflammation interferes with normal repair and immune function. It erodes vibrant health over time.  Ayurveda teaches daily and seasonal routines to build health and reduce Ama.


Lyme Disease Ayurveda daily & seasonal alignment can help

Ayurveda builds wellness  in many ways.  This helps you fight Lyme and minimize damage. Many people with chronic Lyme experience symptoms in cycles, small things like not enough sleep or hot weather can increase symptom load.

Align with the seasons is a simple way to  reduce ama and move into balance. This is a basic lifestyle practice in Ayurveda Lyme disease will not like.  Ritu means season and charya is a regimen or routine. Seasonal alignment builds resiliency. Ritucharya flowing with the seasons is one approach to build wellness.Lyme Disease Ayurveda Seasonal alignment helps

The web is full of people asking if symptom flares in Lyme Disease are related to seasonal changes. Why not move from season to season with less stress in a way that builds wellness.

Eating and sleeping habits change from Spring to summer. Plants go from sprouting to full leaves and fruit. The smallest bees to the largest bear come out of slumber in spring and build up food stores in summer. All plants and animals shift behavior in response to the seasons. Lyme does too.

The Cycles and Forms of Lyme Bacteria

Borellia lives it’s life in cycles. In the world of bacteria it has a relatively long life and reproductive cycle. Lyme is a bacteria that can change form. Once infected you are their condo complex, so you get to feel their cycles and house their different life forms. Lyme bacteria live as a spirochete, a cell wall deficient form, and a cyst form. Healthy Daily and seasonal routines of Ayurveda make you a a bad host for Lyme.

Do Lyme symptoms get worse in the transition of the seasons?

Some Lyme patients feel better during the warmer months, others worse.  I have talked about how the heat effects people before. Most don’t like weather variability, why might this be?
There are a lot of factors that contribute to how you feel. In terms of the bacteria, the Lyme spirochetes in the blood stream form do not thrive in the heat! About 104 is the magic temperature that fries them.

Lyme blogs imply that Lyme comes out to play during when the body is out of sinc. It unencysts and is active in the body. When Lyme is active you can feel worse and when it dies the release of endotoxins makes you feel worse too.

Shine light of Ayurveda on Lyme Disease

Balance with Opposites

In Ayurveda opposite qualities called gunas are used to balance issues. For example hot and cold are opposite qualities. If Symptoms get more out of control when it is cold from Lyme disease Ayurveda says bring the heat to balance this out. Warm clothes, hot water, and warm soup will soothe you a cold rainy evening.

When stress is in control in your body, it causes system wide hormonal shifts that favor Lyme over your best immune response. Balance the stress with planned relaxation. Keep white space in your schedule. Add meditation or progressive relaxation to the white space for even more benefits.

If you are getting acidic from stress, you are making your body more comfortable for Lyme. Get alkaline. Lemon or Lime in water or apple cider vinegar can help. Warmer water on a chilly wet morning and room temperature when it is hot out.

Don’t let the season change mess with your sleep cycle. Get to bed by 10 pm and up with the sun to support optimal alignment with circadian rhythms. Consistent healthy sleep is important to help your body heal from infection.  Dial in the specifics of your daily and seasonal routines with your health care team.

Roll with the Seasons

Ayurveda helps when season changes tweak Lyme Disease.  What are your favorite ways weather seasonal changes and soothe Lyme symptoms? Do you have daily activities that help you stay well?  Please share your wisdom and pass this along to anyone in need.

The information provided on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care, treatment or advice. All the material here is for information purposes only.  Always share strategy and work with your health care team

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