My Lyme Disease healthy habits help me feel the best I can while I heal.  Let me show you why and how I got to a place of healing and acceptance.   The protocols for treating Lyme can be complicated.  Never been sick or on medications before Lyme?

The sheer magnitude of medicines, supplements and the complex scheduling can be overwhelming.  For many this is not a 14 day course of antibiotics and you are healed.  The reality of a long term course of changing medicines and care can be tough to swallow. You may be working with your doctor and other members of your health care team for some time.

The difference between “I have to do this, this is so hard” and “I really want to do this feel my best and live my life” is huge.

For every forced action there can be an equal and opposite rebellion.  You really can’t afford rebellion against doctors and medicine and self care protocols with Lyme Disease.  Embrace the healing process. Do the work to come into acceptance and do the best you can. Cultivate Lyme Disease Healthy Habits.

About 3 years into my treatment, suddenly I thought I could ignore dietary guidelines and skip doses of medicines.  3 years if treatment and rebuilding should be enough shouldn’t it?.  Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda.  Guess What – Bad Idea.

 Stay on Track Assess Regularly

Lyme Disease Healthy Habits include first and foremost self assessment.  Track your symptoms over time and look for the trends as well as how you feel each day.  It is important to give accurate feedback to your health care team.

Tune in periodically and listen to your self talk your attitudes and how they affect your actions.  Give yourself a tune up when you need to.   How?  Feeling really angry with Lyme disease or other stuff?

Tapping EFT can really promote releasing anger and frustration. 10 to 20 minutes each day helps clear toxic emotions.   Appreciation and Affirmations can also help.  Appreciation is an easy thing to slide in before you go to sleep or just when you wake up.  Find 3 things (2 minutes) to be grateful for each day to begin to shift.

Affirmations are statement framed in the present tense that are optimistic, supportive  believable and doable.  You can put a sticky on the fridge or on your car blind to remind you.  Try to say them out loud for best effect.  Make or buy a deck of affirmation cards.

Appreciation is a Lyme Disease Healthy Habit

Today I am feeling comfortable in my body.

I choose the best path forward

So much is right with me today.

I have a plan to stay on course with my medications

Lyme Disease Healthy Habits

Find a way to start building health.  I follow an Ayurvedic Daily Routine to build health and wellness into each day.  Click this link for an example Lyme Disease Healthy Habits

Here is an easy way to get started.

6 M’s for Lyme Self Care

  1. Manifest Health – Follow Health Team Guidelines Take Medicines and maintain a positive attitude
  2. Migrate to High Nutrient Density Food, Living Foods and Digestive support
  3. Mandate Sleep – Schedule time for Plenty of good sleep,
  4. Move More Regular  Daily Movement,
  5. Minimize Toxins Less toxins in and active Detox more out
  6. Meet Life from a Spiritual Perspective and let go of anger and stress

If you want to dig deeper and leverage change for the better try a book or class.  This sounds a little crazy, add stuff to make room for stuff.   Well maybe, but the structure (daily routine) and habits of Ayurveda fit right in with most of the self care guidelines for Lyme disease.

Body Thrive by Cate Stillman is a wonderful book that outlines bringing these practices into your life over a couple of month period or at a pace and depth you choose. (True disclosure I work with Cate and have studied with her for years in her Living Ayurveda Course.)  The level of help Ayurveda as a science and Cate as a teacher have given me is an amazing gift.

Why do you need Healthy Habits with Lyme?

Healthy Habits can create the space and orientation to adapt to the Lyme medicines and self care protocols.  Bring ways to care for yourself into your routines while under treatment for Lyme disease.  These routines also build health in the body.  You want to get good and quick at the behaviors that support evolving wellness and release the ones that increase you symptom load or restrict your progress.

Put a structure in place to load all this stuff in automatic habitual behavior.  Clear space and energy for making sure you take all your medicines and do all your selfcare on time.   Move from denial and resistance to, “Given what is what do I want to do?”  Answer: Feel better in treatment and recovery;  live the best life possible full of fun and love and learning.

The information provided on this blog and website is not a substitute for professional medical care, treatment or advice. All the material here is for information purposes only. Always share strategy and work with your health care team.

Lyme Disease Healthy Habits Crucial

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