to tired to get the paperwork in order

Yesterday afternoon, I  gave up working at the computer.  I lay down for a rest in response to feeling bone tired.  I tried to blame it on Lyme disease but I really couldn’t. When I  looked at my own end of life readiness and asked myself “Are your papers in order?” I had to say no and face dying again.

End of Life issues caused the stress and I was really emotionally exhausted.  Life is not always about Lyme disease I reminded myself.  I often talk about manifesting health,  and getting care you need aside from Lyme disease.  End of life stuff is also one of the basic needs to take care of just like getting your teeth cleaned.

End of Life issues are best faced to help those loved ones who live on after you die. In my logical mind I know we all die and we need to put things in order.  But in my body and heart aren’t fully on board.  The reality of the finite nature of life still tugs at my emotions.

My husband, Dad and I went off to see an elder law attorney yesterday.  Mom died a little over a year ago and she managed all that kind of stuff for the both of them. My dad is still grieving and struggling to rebuild his life. He has 7 kids wants to make sure his wishes are clear. All the paper work is old, and in some cases it is no longer legally valid.A lawyer can help you get your papers in order

As the lawyer reviewed my Dad’s paperwork, I realize I need to take action too.  Codify my wishes around the way I am treated at my life’s end. Make decisions about what I want, get things clear then forget about it and live my life. Not because I think I am dying from Lyme disease or anything else soon.  Barring an accident, I plan to live a full life, grow into my destiny and help others heal and grow into theirs.

Dying became a reality in the worst of my Lyme Disease

From dealing with Lyme I have learned that I want to, actively choose how I live and die.  In order to make that happen I need to get out in front of this and declare my wishes in a way that is supported by the legal system where I live.   I need to get my papers in order.

When dealing with serious illness like Lyme it can be hard to get out in front of dying.  In some ways it feels critical to focus all your attention on living and healing.  That if for a moment you consider dying it might happen, because you thought about it.

But for me it is kind of like the Y2K thing.  You may not remember this, but there was all kinds of panic going on “things were going to hell in a hand basket”in1999. Potential societal breakdown scenarios were on the news and a common topic of discussion.  I decided to do what I thought was prudent, then quit worrying.  So I put together some water & food, stashed some cash, stockpiled a little extra gas and made really fun 1999 New Year’s Eve plans.

In a similar way, I want to put a plan in place for my passing.  Get my papers in order then fully enjoy living until I pass out of this body.  Make things simple for the people I love.  Build ease around passing by remembering I am spirit and that I have a wonderful life full of joy learning sharing and growth.

What does “Are your papers in order” mean for you?

Depending on your assets and family getting your papers in order may mean different things wills and trusts all kinds of specific documents.  If you have minor children you want to set things up to provide for their care.  For me, it starts with Healthy Care Proxy, a Power of Attorney.  End of life laws vary by state and country.  Find a caring Elder Law attorney and put the stuff you feel you need in place.   Periodically review it to keep up with changes in the law, then forget about is and build wellness, explore your destiny and find joy in your life.

The information provided on this website is not a substitute for legal advice or medical care, treatment or advice. All the material here is for information purposes only. Always share strategy and work with your legal and or health care team

Lyme Disease or No Are Your Papers In Order?

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