Lyme Disease is on the rise accross the world.  Everyone needs to learn and raise their awareness to protect themselves and their families.  Daretoselfcare is providing this information on Lyme disease to support our followers and the community at large. If you know someone struggling with Lyme or newly bitten then send them to this site for information.  All this information and the Lyme  support links are here to assist learning.  This information is not intended to diagnose or treat Lyme or any other illness. Information is power in preventing the spread of this illness.

Ticks with Lyme bacteria, can be picked up on wooded trails.

Lyme infects you in any number of ways.  The most common way is through a tick bite.  Ticks feed on deer, mice, chippers, moles and voles and us.  They jump and crawl from animals to the grass or woodland to us.  Always take good care when outdoors for trail walking, wild crafting herbs or other nature activities.  Ticks live in the city, suburbs, and country.  They get picked up in lawns, fields and woods.  Check yourself, your pets and your family regularly for the presence of ticks and other insects during and after outdoor activities. Dispose of ticks properly or save securely for testing if you need to.

Resources for Tick born illnesses


Clinical  Herbalists are trained in natural and plant based remedies.

CHRIS MURANO                     Clearpath Herbals

EMILY FRENCH                       Sweetgrass herbals

TOMMY PRIESTER                Bear Medicine Herbs

KENYON KEILY                           Groton Wellness




Central Mass Lyme                 

Support Group and information site Lyme Alliance of the Berkshires

Lyme Awareness of Cape Cod


What is Lyme


MEDICAL, NATUROPATHIC & Chiropractic Practices


DR. ART GERTLER                                 

Dr. William Maykel                                

For more options go to Tired of Lyme


RACHEL MARSHALL                                   Natural Health & Wellness of New England

BENA PHILLIPO                                          Sacred Resonance Healing

JOSHUA SMOLKIN                                       Central Acupuncture & Health


The Yogahealer Podcast Cate Stillman and Mary Sullivan on Lyme

Pandoras Box “How I healed Lyme Disease”

Check our blog page for recipes and self care support.


Facebook Groups

There are many.  Here are a few, you may need to ask to join.

Lyme Herbals – Cowden, Buhner, Jernigan, Byron White & more

Central Mass Lyme


Article Links

Tick Bite Prevention Awareness week

October 2015 Truth Out Article Lyme  Guidelines Panelists Engage in Coordinated Propaganda Campaign.

PDF on Lyme Neuro Borrealis LDA003-2-web-version

Dr. Klinghardt’s Treatment of Lyme

10 Things to remember if you love a person who have Lyme….

8 Good Books on Lyme Disease

Ilads Lyme Tips to prevent the spread of lyme disease





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All the Lyme support pages will be updated as I learn of new resources.  So Check in once and a while to see what’s new.