Lyme is one of those illness that often disrupts sleep

For years I was exhausted and had restless sleep, not knowing it was part of the symptom map of Lyme disease.    Why is sleep important?

  • Chronic lack of sleep messes with your circadian rhythms and hormones.
  • Lack of sleep distorts and depresses immune response.  Lyme requires your immune system be at the top of its game   You need an accurate active immune system to beat Lyme Disease and co- infections back.
  • Fatigue makes your symptoms feel worse.  There is a lot of overlap in the symptoms of bone crunching fatigue and Lyme disease.  You just don’t want to muddy the waters and add another source of symptoms.



Rest is critical for health and healing. 

Sleep studies show that people with Lyme disease, have more trouble getting to sleep, are easier to wake up and have less of the deepest most restful phases of sleep.

Try these Solutions Sleep well despite Lyme Disease

  1.  Fall asleep more easily

Toss and turn, it can take hours to drift off.  Too many bright lights, late evening stress, travel to different time zones and Lyme inflammation in the brain interfere with your body clock  If your biorhythms are not supporting good rest you can help.  Develop a wind down routine to remind your body to relax for bed.

  • Make your bedroom a relaxing place
  • Limit EMF in your sleeping environment
  • Quit the caffeine after lunch
  • Eat an earlier lighter dinner
  • Lower the lights and music after 6 pm.
  • No computer after dinner
  • Make it a rule not to fight or decide the fate of the world before bed
  • Set and stick to a regular go to sleep time.  Go to bed before 10 pm.


People also use natural supplements and herbs, golden milk, chamomile tea to relax.  Talk with an Chamomille Tea to help sleep.herbalist about sleep support supplements and herbs.  Get help to find the right mix and dose of herbs.

Taken as an occasional supplement melatonin can really help you wind down and reset your bedtime alarm clock.  Check with your doctor if you have any concerns or questions before trying this supplement.   Here is a link with more information on Melatonin.

  1. Sleep through the night

Do you wake up multiple times each night?  This limits the deep healing rest you need.  Here are some ways to help.

  • Front load liquids early in the day, so you don’t have to get up to pee in the middle of the night.
  • If you wake up hungry in the middle of the night, snack on healthy protein before bed to carry you through until morning.
  • Stretch muscles or roll muscles then soak away the soreness each night before bed.
  • A hot bath with Epsom salts is a simple way to relax muscles with heat and magnesium. Here is an article on my favorite soaks.
  • Get rid of heavy blankets if they cause pressure points and use a light weight synthetic comforter instead.  Keep the weight off your feet.
  • Use as many pillows as you need to support the sore parts.
  • Feet or hands too cold at night?  Do a little hand and foot massage then slip into cotton socks and gloves to stay warm.
  • Compression ware can help with minor edema or swelling check this with your doc.
  • If all else fails consider a new bed. (water or air mattress for use if you need the support.)
  1. Wake up more refreshed

  • Daily Exercise like walking encourages the body to want sleep.
  • Go to bed a little earlier, so your body is asleep at the optimal time 10 pm to 6 am.
  • With Lyme you need at least 8+ hours each night.  Set your bedtime so you get it.
  • Add a simple relaxation practice like meditation or breathing before bed, so you are relaxed when you fall asleep.


What do you have to do to sleep well despite Lyme? 

Do what you need to.  Fatigue to the point of exhaustion needs the help of your health care team.  Consistent Restful Sleep is crucial to feel better while you heal.  Plug into the self care you need to sleep well despite Lyme Disease.  Post to share your best strategies.  With Lyme Disease Information is power.