Smoothie Guide FreebieThere is much you can do each day to build wellness while you work with your Health Care Team to heal.

The foundation of my Lyme self care is accepting responsibility for my physical, mental and emotional state. Believe that I can impact my own well being.  Make building health from wherever I am starting a priority.  How about you?

Are you ready to up level your health?

Healthy habits have profound effects on each day.  Our challenge is to embrace the changes in attitudes, diet, sleep and self care we know we need for our health. Figure out how to take the changes we need and weave our Lyme self care into our routines to build a new life that best supports our recovery.

Self love and care opens the door to new wellness possibilities. Included in these pages are ideas for you to try to reduce inflammation, clear space and add the nutrients to help your body heal.  Ideas from functional medicine and Ayurveda that have helped many people.

Lyme Self care is a journey Start Here

1.Manifest HealthExercise as part of your Lyme self care resiliency plan

2.Migrate to high nutrient  eating

3.Move more

4.Minimize Toxins

5.Mandate Sleep

6.Meet life from a spiritual perspective


Work to Sharpen focus and build discipline.  Keep these areas in mind as you begin to do the things you can to stop the ongoing inflammation damage. Do even more to build wellness. Learn, be an active partner in building your recovery plan.

This can be a tough shift I won’t argue that. I had dig deep to find my why and my will.  My reason to make all these changes was to feel better. Recover my power and purpose  to help others.  Understanding how healthy habits work to support immune health really helped me embrace staying on track to meet my goals.


Willingness to engage with health is critical to move through chronic illness. Treating illness and building health in parallel worked for me.  Make shifts where I can to take better care.  Information is power in illness share these pages with anyone they might help.  Check in with your health care team and keep them in the loop on the things you try.