Lyme Testing OptionsIgG – Immunoglobulin G is a specific antibody test

IgH – Immunoglobulin H antibody test

IgM – Immunoglobulin M antibody test

IFA – Immunofluoresence Assay test

PCR –  Polymerase Chain Reaction (DNA analaysis)

Western Blot- Specific IgG and IgM antigen bands are analyzed for.


Lyme Testing Options Labs & Links

Lyme testing options include  testing both the person bitten and the tick.

The blood tests for people are shown in the diagram. Blood tests on humans far less accurate than tick testing.   Many states require a doctors orders for blood tests. In some states a doctors order is not required.  Check with your doctor to be sure.You send a tick  off for testing after you remove it.     Tests performed on the actual ticks are very accurate but it tells you  absolutely what the tick had, not always what you have.

Here is a sampling of some links for testing laboratory.

For People

Walk In Labs



For Ticks

Tick Check

Bay Area Lyme Foundation


When to consider one or more of the Lyme Testing Options ?

  • A Doctor or health care provider recommends it.  Bring a copy of the ILADS treatment guidelines to your doctors appointment to help them give you most up to date treatments.
  • You have a bug bite with a bull’s eye rash.
  • You were bitten by a tick and have obvious symptoms of flu-like, or fatigue or aches and pains.
  • Symptoms of unknown origin that no one can figure out especially if you live in a Lyme endemic area.
  • The Doctors are throwing around terms like, Fibromyalgia,Lupus, MS or RA, but you don’t fit the profile and your symptoms are more diverse.
  • If you think you need to have the test done.

Remember testing for Lyme Disease is far from definitive.  A clinical diagnosis (from a doctor and your symptoms) is often the only information to go on.

Then why pursue a Lyme Test?

  • Lyme Testing results can help your health care team design treatment strategy. If you have multiple infections, you will need to address them in an order that your health care team finds most effective.
  • Results can help with treatment coverage by insurance.  Insurance may not cover any or all treatments for Lyme Disease, but a positive test result will generally entitle you to some coverage for the doctors and drugs to begin treatment.
  • Understanding what is going on can help with peace of mind.  When you don’t know you have what you have and you just feel lousy.  You have a bunch of nagging symptoms that keep reoccurring and getting worse.
  • It can help you communicate better with your community.  No more Excuses to others about why you feel poorly. No more Destructive self talk.  Oh, I am getting older, oh it’s menopause.  I am overweight, I am depressed.  All or none of these may be true, you have to answer that.  A Lyme Disease diagnosis is a concrete thing you can learn about, seek treatment for and heal from.

“With Lyme Disease Information is Power Get informed, Get Treated, Get Better”