Holidays often disrupt our routines and can derail self care habits.  More activities, food and parties are the norm for this time of year. How do you participate, have fun and eat low inflammatory foods, stay on schedule with self care and medicines with all the distraction and temptation?  It can be tough.

I sincerely hope I am done with feeling sick in body and guilty in mind in January for holiday slip ups. Living in integrity with my key self care practices is a step in the right direction. I know I need to anchor into my motivation & habits to help me make good decisions and stay on track during the season of celebration.

Keystone Habits that keep me on Track

My most important habit is Sleep.  For me this means getting to bed early before 10 pm.  This way I sleep long and well. Enough sleep is critical for me to want to take care.

Bad news if I stay awake into my second wind.  I end up with way too little(5 or 6 hours) sleep. I wake up late, achy and cranky.  Fatigue creates a cascade effect and I start to neglect detox, medicine and other aspects of my self care.

I make every effort not to over schedule work or social events between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  When I go to evening parties, I make something healthy I know I can eat and drive myself, so at 8 or so I can head home.  My friends are used to this and love me anyway.

Meditate to work through RegretMeditation is the second habit I hold dear.  Meditation clears out my anxiety and mind chatter, so I stay focused on what is important. I remember my motivation to do the work to feel well.  Why I take medicines, supplements, exercise and detox daily.

I am a healthier more pleasant person when I meditate early before I engage with the world.  When things are really busy and tough, I meditate morning and night.  I use a combination of meditation techniques, silence and mantra are my favorites.

Motivation & Habits Structure My Day

My motivation & habits and have a lot of power over my day.  If I keep these two keystone habits in place, they help me hold true to the rest of the habits that support my health.  When I think about all the daily healthcare stuff I do, it can be overwhelming.

But when I simplify things to a couple of key things I know I can do it.  The benefit of these two things is they help me to engage with all the other stuff with a positive perspective.

I roll down from meditating to start exercising in a way that is almost automatic.  With these two key habits in place I am ready each morning to manage my medicine, take care of my mind body and spirit, so I can contribute and help others.

How about you?  Do you understand why you work on your health? Will you do everything you can to prevent Lyme from shrinking your life.  My why is about claiming my life and my dharma my purpose.  I know I need to put my oar in the water and help people build wellness.

“Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit  is what keeps you going.” –   Jim Ryun

Motivation is individual, for some people it is kids, a spouse or a job.  Identify your motivation. Build and anchor into habits that support your wellness goals.  Find the motivation & habits to act in your own best interest this holiday season.  Share your ideas below to help everyone in our community enjoy a healthy holiday season.


Motivation & Habits Key For Holiday Health with Lyme
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