Christmas is just around the corner.  Lyme is under control you feel pretty good.  Ah, what a relief you can join the celebration!  Then after the holidays you start to feel really sick again.  A Lyme Flare oh my where did it come from?

It is easy when you are feeling good during the holidays to relax back from all the stuff you are doing to feel good.  If or when you have a flare check in and figure out what is going on and calm the flare.

We all want to feel our best.  Consistent Self Care is a key part of feeling good with Lyme disease even on Christmas and New Years.  One too many parties can shift things. Extinguish Lyme flare ups. Be vigilant in your management of your health and your symptoms.

Hone in Here – Minimize Lyme flare ups

Here are some of Holiday and life’s circumstances that can stir up symptoms.

  • Change in Protocol – When you change medicines watch out. This can create die off and herxing. If you skip them Lyme can revive.
  • Lack of Sleep – Fatigue is an invitation for symptoms to increase. (Big issues around New Years.)
  • Change in Diet- You feel good, so you say a little chocolate won’t hurt, then you add grains back. Eat a slice of pie here and there. This continues for a few weeks then suddenly you feel awful.
  • Emotional or Physical Stress – Stress interferes with sleep.  It switches your hormonal environment off healing mode into flight or fight mode.  Both of these can cause a flare up.
  • Toxins – If your toxic load goes higher than your ability to dispose of, Lyme loves this. It depresses your immune response and Lyme will come out into your blood stream and symptoms can escalate.
  • Infections – Hugging people and kids at parties spreads germs. Planes and airports are filled with opportunities to pick up the latest bug.  Your body naturally defends against infections by activating your immune system. If your immune system is out of kilter with autoimmunity, it can make you feel less than your best.
  • Travel – Different time zone, climate or season can throw you out of whack.  Stay warm, and pay attention and keep self care on schedule.


If Symptoms Start to Flare

Prevent Holiday Lyme Flare Rest

Review Take a few minutes and think about the last few days or couple of weeks.

  • Diet Move back to eating clean whole high nutrient density foods.
  • Activity Level  Cut back on the evening activites until you feel recovered.
  • Rest Get back into the practice of bed by 10pm.  Here are some ideas to recover your rest.
  • Medicine and Supplement Schedule If you slipped prioritize taking the supplements you know help you feel your best.

Identify what has shifted over the holidays and how it made you feel.

Take Action to reduce Holiday Flares

  • Cut back on that extra sugar or chocolate.
  • Make a commitment to get to bed earlier Starting New Years Day.
  • Simplify your diet.
  • Get back on your exercise regimen.
  • Take your medicine and connect with your health care team if you need to.

Bring self care awareness with you into your celebrations.  Stay strong and well.  Blessings to you and yours over the holidays this year!

The information provided on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care, treatment or advice. All the material here is for information purposes only. Always share strategy and work with your health care team.

No Lyme Flare This Holiday Season

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