I grew up with a rock iron stomach, big family and big food. We ate what was put in front of us without too much thought. I learned about gluten intolerance and food allergies the itchy way. My experiences made me want to learn and share about new clean food options. GFAF I recently decided to all in and blog for the GF&AF Expo. I read about it in Paleo, and I thought, Yeah! a local show right around the corner in Worcester, Massachusetts. Click this link to find out the details and buy tickets.

Here is my intro to  allergy. Yellowstoneriver3 My husband and I were traveling in Yellowstone National Forest a truly mind blowing experience. We went with my parents to visit several national parks. Yellowstone is one of our favorites. I was recovering from an ear infection and was taking an antibiotic. I had been on the medication for 5 days or so and starting to feel good enough to really enjoy our trip.

Yellowstone is easy to enjoy, a wonderful assault on all the senses. The colors are bright and the smells are strong. The park is full of big experiences views animals, geysers, mountains and water. Yellowstonefalls2 We were pulled over in the road looking at a number of elk walking by the car. They were really close, and I started to freak out a little. My mom said to me Mary honey, you look a little splotchy. Are you okay? At first I thought it was just the elk, but my hives got worse, and my throat started to tighten. We called the doctor and they said stop the medicine and get some help. So we did.

After my reaction subsided we continued our visit to Yellowstone I noticed a milder repeat of the hives every so often. I would take some antihistamine and it would subside. When I got home I checked in with the doctor again. She told me that after a strong allergic reaction, my system was inflamed. I could get hives from foods that I was only very mildly allergic to. This could go on for weeks to a couple of months. It did…..

Over the course of the next 3 or4  months I identified my allergens by my body’s reaction to them.  Antibiotics,metals, wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, strawberries, cashews, MSG….. Each food allergy caused a response. It was a significant list.

I was one blotchy, itchy girl! All of a sudden Food allergy disrupted my life.  I had to pay attention and read labels, or break out in hives.

Evidence that my body reacts to certain foods with an inflammatory response really caused me to re-think my relationship with food. Now even without hives, I know I feel my very best eliminating gluten and other allergens from my diet. I got some very clear messages from my body to start paying attention to how I was treating it. I plan to honor my bodies needs for the rest of my life.I

The range of reaction to food and chemical allergens is all over the place.  I have a strong inflammatory response. Other people I know just feel a little off, a mild headache or fatigue or bloaty when they bump into an allergen. I also know a couple of kids who go right to anaphylaxis if they eat the wrong thing. So very scary.

It is a learning process to eat food and use personal care products that make you feel vibrant most of the time.  I always read the label before anything goes in my grocery cart.  Understanding how your body processes and reacts to foods and personal care products is important for you and the people you care about. I want choice in my diet.   I want to learn about companies that pay particular attention to creating  clean foods!  Perfect for food allergy suffers I am kind of psyched to find this kind of presentation close to home. I will be taking pictures and writing about my experience at the show. Click here to go to the GF&A Expo Facebook page and join the community

Anyone else have a funky food allergy story, with a good ending? Click the link below and share on the my Facebook page.  Or send me a tweet with your best allergen alternative.

No more splotchy itchy for me…

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