I tap the wisdom and capability of plants for health issues in my life.  They help me deal and heal the myriad of symptoms from Lyme disease.  The green ones are in the business of survival under all kinds of tricky situations.  Are plants strong allies against Lyme disease?  You bet! They have been succeeding under attack much longer than we have and have proven capability.

For many years I thought of plants as static primitive things, but that is just not so. Through my study of Ayurveda and Herbalism, I know better. I am not alone or even out there in my recognition of the capability of plants.

In Brilliant Green author Stefano Mancusco, points out situation after situation where plants are active in finding the nutrition they need to thrive and protecting themselves against predation. They adapt in a creative and thoughtful ways to their environment.

“On the basis of decades of experiments, plants are starting to be regarded as beings capable of calculation and choice, learning and memory. –  Stefano Mancuso, Brilliant Green: The Surprising History and Science of Plant Intelligence


Are Plants Strong Allies Against Lyme Disease For You?

They are for me.  Plants are up for the challenge a smart bug like Borellia brings.

Ally with plants to help with the simple and complicated.  I have lived with plants in my home to help keep my air clean  for over thirty years. That is longer than I have been married! There are many common house plants that pull  toxins out of the air.  This great plant talent was discovered by NASA where they were trying to figure out how to sustain healthy air quality on the space shuttle.  Be sure to check on the toxicity of any plants you bring into your home if you have pets.

I use a bunch of different plants in my diet and medicinally in powders teas and tinctures to add nutrition and relieve symptoms.  Plants help manage Lyme disease and rebuild my body.  Click this link to learn about some of my favorites. I study plants to continue to expand my understanding of plant medicine.

I choose these incredible beings to be allies in building my health, At this point I feel confident using food plants and spice to support my health.  But I proceed with more caution using herbs, medicinally.  I read  all the time and work with an expert, who is more studied and has more direct experience than I have.

Plants all have different functions

What areas do you need help with from our wise green friends?  If there is a problem, there is a plant to help.  Share your favorite go to plants allies for Lyme disease and assorted co-infections in the comments below

My herbalist and I look to the different actions plants take in the body to help me address issues from Lyme disease. Each body responds to Lyme disease based on its inherent strengths and weaknesses, you probably don’t need the same help I do. If there is no answer for you with medication the important thing to realize is that help is out there in medicinal plants and functional foods. There are plant allies ready to offer support.

Here are two important areas I need to cover with help from plants.

Inflammation Support

My joints are the target of the ongoing inflammation. Keeping it under control is a priority for me.  Anti-inflammatory foods and herbs help quench the chronic inflammation often associated with Lyme disease. You may need several because of the different active inflammation pathways in your body.  I do.

Half a dozen herbs are all in my inflammation control tool box. I also eat a low inflammation diet, and stay away from manufactured foods and food allergens. Nutrient density as well as taste is what food is about for me. This sounds like a lot, but inflammation is one of my biggest ongoing issues. Medicine from plants strong allies are the main way I keep things cool.

Digestive Support

My biome was blown away from years of antibiotics and my liver working overtime on detox.  So I add functional foods to rebuild.


Probiotics are life affirming organisms, who help the repopulate your gut microbiome with the right tenants. They often live with plants and in soil. I drink probiotic foods like  fermented plants, tea,  and  purchased coconut water, I also make and eat sauerkraut on a regular basis.  I use mushrooms and prebiotic plants to help create an optimal environment for the good bacteria to take root.


Bitters bring a lot to the table to support digestion.  I eat bitter greens and take bitters. These plants live on the wild side and are packed with functionality. Bitters ease gas and bloating, relieve occasional heartburn, and promote production of stomach acid, digestive enzymes and bile.  They even help increase absorption of fat soluble vitamins.

Remember that plants strong allies, can help and support us as we rebuild from Lyme disease.

The information provided on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care, treatment or advice. All the material here is for information purposes only. Always share strategy and work with your health care team.

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Plants Strong Allies Against Lyme Disease

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