Recipes with LoveFood is love and community and health and wellness.  We live in a world with huge variety and bounty  When you make your own food, you develop recipes for wellness.  You  gift all those things to your friends and family.

Cook in a good mood and add the best energy to the food you prepare as well as flavor. In putting these pages together, I am gifting the love out as far as I can.

Recipes on this website are sorted by category. Most give some equipment guidelines as well as an ingredient and instruction list.  See my blog on Kitchen safety for more equipment information.  The portion size given is often an my best estimate rather than measured portions.  My style of cooking is to combine what is available in my fridge and pantry with an understanding of my family’s tastes.  I also use a variety of nutritional inputs from my study of Ayurveda and low inflammation nutrient dense eating.

Recipes for Wellness Guidelines and Inputs

  • 6 Tastes Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent, Astringent
  • Seasonal and Local Ingredients as much as possible.
  • Naturally raised or organically raised animals for meat.
  • Minimal Processed or Packaged Foods, Not much semi-homade.
  • Balance the dosha in my house.
  • Paleo Happy
  • Low Inflammation, low sugar, no nightshades low caffeine.
  • Nutrient Dense
  • Gluten Free
  • Allergen Free( This is specific to me and mine)

Broth RecipesThe first section posted is Nourishing Broths.  This is on purpose.  I see broths as a basic staple used to add flavor and nutrition to many other things.   Broths are easy to make and almost impossible to wreck.  (I have boiled bone broth down to the point of burning the pan. Go for a crock pot version if you have that tendency!

Any recipes that are modified from someone else’s work will have a link to that work.  Share these recipes for your own enjoyment and health.  I appreciate you linking back to this site when you do.  This section will be updated periodically with new stuff so check back when you can.