Fall is a busy season and I am finding it hard to get enough movement time.  How about you?  Does your ability to stay active shift during the fall and winter season? How do you deal?  Since Lyme disease I make it a point to stay mobile and move every day.

I know daily exercise helps me stay in touch with my body, movement tells me how my joints are doing, and helps me understand my level of inflammation. Strength, hardening exercise, flexibility and balance softening exercise and mobility in aerobic exercise are part of the rotation. I schedule the time to workout into a busy schedule, Have to, it is too important.

It is simple to take the ability to move for granted, since Lyme disease I don’t. When I was first diagnosed, my mobility, strength and balance were all significantly impaired.  It was all I could do to get to the bathroom.  As part of my recovery I set some simple fitness goals.  One key goal for me is that I want to walk with ease on the day I die (after a long life).  So I need to walk every day to support that goal.  Gentle consistent movement is beneficial for bodies, healthy or ill.

6 Reasons to Stay Mobile and Move Every day

Sneak Movement into Your Day

There are so many ways to sneak exercise into your day and build health into your habits.

  • Get a walking desk
  • Plan trips up and down the stairs
  • Carry of grocery basket instead of pushing a cart.
  • Park at the back end of the lot.
  • Walk out to the mailbox to get the mail.
  • Do your own yard work.
  • Get a dog or walking buddy
  • When in doubt walk at the local Mall.

Plan movement everydayStay Mobile

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” – Henry David Thoreau

Schedule time for morning movement or lunch movement every day. When you are busy follow your schedule. Vary the movement; I do aerobic movement 4 days each week and yoga for flexibility and Pilates for strength each week.  Plans are not perfect, but you are much more likely to move with a plan than without.  If you make a plan like this then if occasionally you miss a day you will still stay mobile, fit and strong.

What is your favorite way to sneak exercise into your day?

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Find Ways to stay mobile and move every day
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