Super Soaks for the bathA good soak can solve any number of problems. Slide into the tub and release the cares of the day. Soaking is a favorite way to self soothe. These 4 are my go to super soaks, to detox and ease pain. When in the trenches with Lyme I used these baths as part of my daily routine to feel better.

Why? A hot bath is a very effective way to sweat out tensions & toxins, relax muscles and relieve aches and pains.  You can add any number things to your tub support your health, up your alkalinity and lower your inflammation, by absorption and release through the skin.

Certain people should not take uber hot baths, if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure, diabetes and a few other conditions.  Always check in with your health care team if you have questions or concerns.  All of the additives I talk about here are really inexpensive and readily available. Here are four that can add real value to the time you spend in the tub.

First are the super soaks that are easy to clean up…..

Epson Salt for a Super SoakEpsom Salt –  Add Epsom salts  This is an oldy but goody super soak. Magnesium Sulfate salt, dissolves easily. It is deeply relaxing and is a source of magnesium. Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium are all key ions in our bodies. Magnesium is one alkali metal that can help muscles relax. An Epsom salt soak is a way to absorb magnesium through the skin. A nice alternative when you can’t take magnesium orally because of its laxative effect. Add a pound or two to the tub. Epsom salts rinse really clean.

Baking Soda  – Buy a fresh box to try.   You definitely don’t want to use some that has been in the back of the fridge for a month for your soak or the back of the cabinet for a year either. Sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda, is alkalizing and revitalizing for the skin and body. If baking soda becomes part your arsenal of super soaks you can up the anti and buy it in bulk. Add a ½ – 1 box to the tub.  Baking soda is also a really clean rinse.

Essential Oils – Use a good quality therapeutic grade essential oil. Lavender and Rose are very relaxing. Oregano oil and tea tree oil are antibacterial.  Generally essential oils should not be added directly  onto the skin in concentrated form.   Add the oil to 1/2 cup of full fat coconut, almond or cow’s milk to disperse it. Add a few drops (start with 3 go up to 8 if you want) of the essential oil you like to the milk, whisk or stir it add the milk mixture to the bath and get in. Don’t over add! Rinse the tub well, to clean.  Be sure to shower off after this bath.

Not so easy to clean up

Himalayan Chrystal SaltHimalayan Chrystal Salt add this Mineral salt to your bath for the health benefits, It is ancient, very clean with 80+ healthy minerals. Add a pound of salt to the tub and allow it to fully dissolve. Spend 20 or so minutes in the tub. Himalayan Chrystal salt soak is reported to revitalize skin, lower inflammation and stimulate circulation.   Pink or grey bath scum needs to rinsed and wiped down after youclayr soak.


Bentonite Clay –  Bentonite Clay sequesters (grabs onto) heavy metals and organic toxins and helps draw them out of the body.  Prehydrate the clay before use, soak it in water for several hours or overnight before use. A couple tablespoons to ½ cup can be used. It leaves a brown scum on the tub you have to wipe and rinse.

There are many options to use these 4 ingredients together in  different of combinations. Have fun.  Just remember your skin is your largest organ and a gateway into the body.

Always use top quality ingredients in your tub.  Play with your bath a little.  Anyone can use these, but they can really help with Lyme detox, aches and pains.  For more ideas on how self care can help with Lyme, click this link.

Find the natural ingredients that do what you need and develop your go to super soaks too!

4 Super Soaks for Long days & Lyme
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2 thoughts on “4 Super Soaks for Long days & Lyme

  • February 9, 2016 at 9:46 pm

    This is so funny. I never take baths but tonight I decided to do so. First I did a sesame oil rub. I put Epsom salts with peppermint in my bath to ease my tired muscles. It actually was one for feet which I love using but the package said it would be perfect for a bath which it was. It was wonderful, making me feel energized.

    Your column was perfectly timed!

  • February 10, 2016 at 8:40 am

    Glad Judith, Peppermint is a strong enlivening scent. I often get in the tub after a snow storm. It is an easy way to warm up and prevent any muscle aches from shoveling.


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