We are on the countdown to spring. One of my spring traditions is to do some basic clean up.  I sweep out the garage, dust off the porch that kind of thing.  Recently I looked at the overflowing box of tinctures and supplements I have and said, wait a minute.  This is getting out of control. I need to do some supplement spring cleaning.

Through my healing journey with Lyme disease, I have tried many different treatments and support supplements. With guidance of my health care team I switched things up any number of times.  That journey has left me with all kinds of bottles that I need to let go of.

As I heal one goal is to digest what my body needs directly from foods.  Take less supplements. It feels really heavy energetically to have the clutter of old medications, vitamins and herbs hanging around.  I know it is in my nature to hang onto things, but this is getting ridiculous.  Lately I feel the need to be more decisive and move through my life decisions with more agility.

A big part of that is learning to let go of what no longer serves me, and embrace what does. So putting the habit of supplement spring cleaning, just like spring yard clean up and spring garage clean up will help. With that in mind I looked into how to identify what to throw away.  Safe disposal for all the bottles deemed unnecessary.

I looked at 3 big factors to decide to chuck things.

Supplement Spring Cleaning Categories

  • Too Old – Most drugs and supplements have an expiration date.  If you get herbal tinctures that don’t ask the herbalist or formulator.   If it is out of date it probably should be out of your house and probably not passed on to someone else.
  • Poor Condition – If it is broken, dried out, the label fell off and you can’t remember what it is, it looks or smells funky wrong, then it has to go.  Mystery herbs sans label are just dangerous.  Lots of herbs smell funky, it is in their nature, but you probably have  a sense of how things you take smell.  Honor it.
  • Low Likelihood of Use – Sometimes what you neeed changes based on what you know.  B vitamins for instance, I bought a bunch before I knew I needed methylated B vitamins.  Methyl cobalamine instead of cyano-cobalamine, The cyano stuff that didn’t work for me had to go.

Keep everything current you and your health care team have on your wellness plan.

For all the other odds and ends consider moving them out. Decide what to keep and what to pitch.  Check this link for ideas on how to dispose of medicines and supplements properly.


Pile of Pills for Supplement srping cleaning

Need a Secondary Sorting Process?

I did, I just have a hard time throwing things away.  So I tried Marie Kondo’s technique.  She teaches on how important it is to keep current with your stuff and how to do it.  Put all the stuff in one area, then hold it and tune in energetically to figure out if it is a keeper or it needs to move on. This process is a simple basic form of reading energy that puts body wisdom in the driver’s seat.

I asked some questions and felt into the answers.  Because to be honest, while I don’t get a lot of joy touching medicines I know I need, I do get a sense of rightness and acceptance.Will my body need this help now?  Do I think I will need it again very soon? How does this supplement feel to my body?

You can always buy it again, but living with unending clutter that makes the stuff you take everyday hard to find just doesn’t work.  You want it to be easy to take the supplements you need and feel connected to them and appreciate the boost they provide. My supplement spring cleaning process is underway, I keep reminding myself that I need to let go of things that are from the past and stay current with my health and needs.

The information provided in this blog is not a substitute for professional medical care, treatment or advice. All the material here is for information purposes only. Always share strategy and work with your health care team.

Supplement Spring Cleaning Stay Current

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