I was in the office for Ondamed treatment and it came up that a were coming back because of a brand new infections. I thought WOW!  Early for a tick bite.   Take care and pay attention this year.  I don’t regret my Lyme disease, lessons. It spurred so much growth.   But that doesn’t mean I need to go through any more problems and treatments for tick born illnesses.

Ticks are active all year long, but most active in the late spring and early summer.  So ya you have to beware of ticks in April in the northern hemisphere.  Even though I was diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease I am really careful.  Why?

Some people may not know this, but you can be infected with Lyme multiple times.  In some infections like chicken pox, or measles you get it once and you are done.  Your body remembers  creates antibodies and keeps you safe from re-infection.


 Lyme Disease New Infection or Re-occurrence?

The Scientific community diagrees about the chronic nature of Lyme.  Some researchers say it has to be reinfection, other say reinfection and chronic infection both exist.  They all agree the Lyme is smarter than the average organism and can re-infect you.  Borellia is one of those things that the body doesn’t necessarily learn to identify and eliminate after an initial infection.

These bacteria elude detection by the immune system and reestablish  more quickly after a second or third bite.  Some data suggests that “post cure” tiny numbers of bacteria remain and teach the new infection how to survive and thrive.  There are ever growing numbers of strains that also help elude the immune system, so like the flu the strains are different enough, so your immune system can’t deal.

Other studies suggest that some people fight and keep the initial infection in check with maybe some really minor nuisance symptoms.  Then you get bit again and the old pros teach the newbie’s how to quickly fool your immune system.  Eventually, from the second or third infection your immune system is overwhelmed and your symptom load goes way up.

What makes Lyme disease so smart and sneaky?

Lyme disease is caused by a smart spiral shaped bacteria called  a spirochete. Spirochetes are well known, hard to find, and hard to kill.   Syphilis and Malaria are other spirochete based infections.     These bacteria communicate chemically with each other and with other species to defeat our immune system. They have a long life and a slow rate of reproduction.

Lyme and co-infections work in community for themselves against us.  Like other spirochete bacteria,  Borrelia Burgdorferi has a three layer cell wall which helps give it smarts and mobility.  This bacteria is special, it has a  4th layer a clear gel-like coat that inhibits detection by your immune system.  They also change form to hide from attack.

So you start treatment and they head for poor circulation areas of the body and encyst to wait it out.  Once they sense the danger is past, they come out of hibernation and begin to wreak havoc again.  This can contribute to relapsing symptoms.  It’s complicated.

Prevent the Tick Bite

Prevention is the best way to go.  If you don’t have Lyme you don’t want it.  If you have had it you don’t want it again.  Pay attention. Take precautions when you are out and about in nature sharing habitat with animals.

  • Do daily inspections after going out into nature.
  • Avoid tick habitat in endemic areas, all of the North Eastern United States.
    • Don’t wade through high grass or brush, sit on stone walls or wood piles.
  • Use appropriate repellents.
  • Check your body  and your animals  thoroughly and often.
  • Talk to your kids.  Set up a system for them to safely ask for and use repellents when necessary. Teach your children habitat guidelines and to do tick checks in the tub or shower each night. Show them what a tick bite looks like and tell them to show you if they have a question or concern.
  • Find any ticks or nymphs before they attach or bite you and dispose of them properly.  If they have attached remove the tick  and call your doctor right away!   Take a tick bite seriously, it can have real life changing consequences.Tweezer to remove a tick from a tick bite

For more information on protecting yourself click this link.

With Lyme Disease information is power.  Teach your family to take appropriate care then enjoy outdoor and seasonal activities.

The information provided on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care, treatment or advice. All the material here is for information purposes only. Always share strategy and work with your health care team





Tick Bite Prevention Time Already
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