tick checks after a fall walkIn my neighborhood the transition to fall is about 2 weeks late. The weather has been really warm so far this fall.  The leaves are exploding with color and are finally starting to come down.  The ritual of fall yard clean up and tick checks are soon to follow.  In my yard we have a bunch of maple oak and hickory trees, so we get some serious leaves.  They blow into deep piles that would kill our grass, so we move them out.

We have always done all of our own clean up.  I face this time of year in a combination of joy at the beauty and a little sadness at the loss of light.  My husband and I went out there with a backpack blower, a rake, an old sheet and a wheel barrel to clear the grass and move the leaves off into the woods around our house.  Pre Lyme and tick awareness I used to wade through the piles enjoying the smell, colors and crunchy sounds. I might even lie down in the pile and make a leaf angel.

For a few years after my Lyme diagnosis, I was too weak for yard work.  As I got stronger I got back into it.  Now I do things differently. I go out for shorter periods so I don’t wear myself out. I have a lot more awareness of ticks, do tick checks, and put habits in place to protect myself.

While many experts say that most tick bites happen during spring and early summer, some still happen in the fall.  I know ticks are still quite active during the fall season. This fall has been so warm, (no hard freeze yet) friends tell me their animals are still covered with ticks after walks.

Ticks love leaf waste, because the little critters that carry them do, so take care during your yard clean ups. The squirrels and chipmunks are still running all over the yard, making stashes of food.  Ticks are running around on them, so it makes sense to take precautions when doing heavy yard work.

Protect yourself!  Minimize tick exposure during fall cleanup activities

  • Minimize contact – No more rolling in the leaves.
  • Actively Block & Repel – Use Repellents or treated clothing, Tuck and Tape
  • Find and Remove – Do Tick Checks during and after outdoor activity

Check out this page for more in depth suggestions and details on minimizing tick exposure.

Leaf Clean Up Means Fall Is Really Here

I really enjoy the beauty of the fall season. The sounds and colors are beautiful. The trees donate their leaves to feed and fertilize the earth.   They stand strong and naked in the low light of winter and build strength to blossom again in the spring.  When we work under the canopy of trees with leaves all around it connects us with the season and the wonderful tree energy.

Enjoy aligning with the season.  Drink in the energy of the trees and the crisp clean air of fall. Just do it with care. Protect yourself from tick exposure as a matter of habit.  Teach your family to automatically minimize tick exposure when heading outdoors.

The information provided on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care, treatment or advice. All the material here is for information purposes only. Always share strategy and work with your health care team.

Tick Checks A Must For Fall Yard Work.
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