We all process and eliminate toxins and waste from our bodies everyday. Healthy People process waste out through sweat, exhalation, urine and feces easily. Our bodies detox without much conscious effort.  If we loose our ability to move waste out, it can make us feel awful.  Make us really sick. Toxic build up can slow Lyme recovery.

Toxins build up with Lyme

Lyme disease stresses your detox channel.  Lyme can create inflammation and die off. Many people with Lyme are on a lot of medicines and supplements. They all have to be used and the waste processed. Over time waste accumulates faster than your body can eliminate it.  In overwhelm your detox channels slows down and wastes build in your tissues.  It is critical to reduce toxin levels in your body to help it recover.

Start to Lower Toxic Loading

  • Reduce the synthetic chemicals you bring into your environment and your body
  • Build Detox activities into your Daily Routines
  • Drink Clean Water
    • Test it
    • Filter it
    • Buy it
  • Eat Clean Nutritionally Dense Food
  • Cleanse seasonally.
  • Make Your Bedroom a EMF free zone.
  • Work with Your Health Care Team to
    • Keep your medicines& supplements current.
    • Flush toxins from the tissues and move them safely out.

Clean up the toxins in your lifeChemical and energetic toxic overload can slow your recovery.




Reduce the synthetic chemicals you bring into your body everyday.  Work with your health care team to build a safe sequence to move waste out of your tissues and escort it out of your body.