Did you enjoy travel before Lyme and now don’t go anywhere?  When I first was diagnosed, I was too overwhelmed with pain and doctors and illness to consider.  Now much better vacation travel is a treat.  Travel with Lyme disease takes a little extra effort and organization.  It is so worth it.  Living a life full of learning love fun and adventure is worth a little effort.

Five Tips for travel with Lymepill packs to travel with Lyme

  1. Packing Keep it simple.  You want your luggage to be light, so it is easy to move and handle. You may need extra room for meds and self care tools.
  2.  Flying?  Check your luggage, if you can afford it.  You may need to bring things that won’t make it through security, medicines, lotions.   It can make things easier.
  3. Plan ahead for the medicines and supplements you need to travel with Lyme Disease.  At home I have a good system to make sure I take my meds, on the road can be less easy.  Check on meds and supplements; bring what you need and make sure  you have enough for the trip and several days when you return.
    • Get a hotel room with a fridge to store things.
    • Put up your meds ahead of time. It can be easy to forget something.  Busy on a trip, you want meds to be easy on the go.  Prepack them into bags that you can slip into a pocket or purse.
    • If you use them put up tinctures into 1 ounce bottles and carry on the plane. Bubble wrap the bottles and put them into a quart plastic bag in your carry on and in your checked bag  to be sure they reach  your destination.
  4. Bring the tools you use to stay well. On a plane bring a neck support pillow and a foot roller.  If traveling by car, bring extra pillows a yoga mat and support materials.
  5. Keep your eating and sleeping routines regular as much as possible.
    • Stick to 3 square a day and add as many vegetables as possible.
    • Eat inflammatory foods it will catch up with you.
    • If your nutrient density is going to be low, add some green powder that you make or buy to your bag and add it to meals.
    • Sleep is fundamental to feeling your best.


With Lyme Disease information is power.

Get better while you live and enjoy life with a little planning and organization.  Stay on your meds and selfcare routines to keep Lyme in check. Please share your ideas to make things easy.   No need to  relapse or fall off the wagon on vacation or for your next visit home for the holidays.

The information provided on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care, treatment or advice. All the material here is for information purposes only. Always share strategy and work with your health care team.

How do I travel with Lyme? 5 Travel Tips

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